Some KORONA users have worked with traditional cash registers before switching to KORONA.pos Cloud and others have had experience using a PC based retail POS system.  Whatever your previous solution was, changes are inevitable with any new retail point of sale solution. Most of the differences you will see in the back office. Informative numbers and statistics will provide deeper insight in your business. Potential for improvement will be much more obvious and you can be confident when you tweak aspects of your business.


How Pos Software benefits

KORONA.POS Cloud is the number 1 cloud based POS solution allowing you to manage your business from anywhere.  This advanced retail POS system is built for multi-location retailers as well as single store operations. KORONA.POS Cloud is enterprise quality with the power to manage any size business with ease of use, convenience, speed, and security!

Cloud Based Back-End

KORONA has a cloud based back office which can me accessed from anywhere and any device. Can you think of a POS system that can give you real time reports on the go? KORONA is the one!

Enterprise Software

RTS provides an enterprise solution for your multi location business. What this means is a centralized database for you to access all of your locations as one or individually.

Application Based POS Software

At the store checkout you can find the actual point of sale application. This where you serve your customers and record all your sales. Every transaction will be uploaded into the back office in real time.

Cloud Data Security

Data generated by your point of sale is highly sensitive and should be treated as such. Of course, you should leave securing this type of data to experts.

Efficient Workflow

RTS intuitive software will help you to gain efficiencies in your daily tasks. Using the automations in the software will also help streamline processes gaining consistency and saving time.

Easy to use interface

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Who are we partner with


COMBASE USA is a subsidiary of the thriving COMBASE AG in Germany. We produce innovative and attractive POS software and inventory management systems that make businesses excel. At COMBASE we have a tradition of forward-thinking and our innovative software solutions have repeatedly revealed new paths to improve the competitiveness of our customers, optimize their profitability and increase the motivation of their workforce.


KORONA.pos is an advanced retail POS system for multi-location retailers and single store operations with ambitions. The solution consists of two main components, the retail point of sale terminals in your stores and the back office which can be accessed conveniently via web browser.